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Himer Maßschuhe Köln

Maßschuhe • Shoe repair • Schuhaccessoires
Hahnenstraße 4 • D 50667 Köln
Tel. 0221- 231092 •
Öffnungszeiten: Di. - Fr. 9:00 -18:00 Uhr
Sa. 11:00 – 16:00 Uhr


Himer Maßschuhe Baden-Baden

Maßschuhe • Schuhreparaturen • Schuhaccessoires
Lichtentaler Allee 76 • 76530 Baden-Baden
Tel. 07221-35 74 666 •
Öffnungszeiten: Mo.-Fr. 9.30 – 13.30 Uhr
Und nach Terminvereinbarung

Leather Care Compendium:
For Shoes, Clothing, and Furniture

Kim & Axel Himer

Why should you care for leather? What has leather conditioner to do with environmental protection? How do I get my shoes to shine? What saddle soap is best suited and most available for saddles? Anyone who wants the answers to these questions and wishes to learn more about the history, application, and benefits of leather care will want this standard and very successful work. In many of the over 600 beautiful images, custom shoemakers Axel and Kim Himer show how to expertly maintain leather shoes, furniture, bags, automotive leather, coarse and fine leather, watch bands, saddles, horse tack, suede, and more.

. Size: 7″ x 10″ | 763 color photos | 288 pp
ISBN13: 9780764345173 | Binding: soft cover: Preis $34.99

Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.
4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, Pennsylvania 19310