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Shoe repair

The need of repair of worn shoes is absolutely nothing unnatural, neither a reason for a complaint nor a sign of poor quality or a fault of the wearer. There’s always wearout and material fatigue, that’s how it always was. Therefore all shoes, even those of best quality, have to be overhauled regularly by a skilled shoemaker. But it’s a mystery why shoe owners have obviously problems with this simple fact. So for most people a shoe repair is like an appointment with the dentist: It’s being postponed as long as possible. Finally when action is taken – at the latest when the worn down heel (quite embarrassing) blows the rendezvous. The small damage turned into a disaster, just because it had been indeed noticed but successfully blocked out. The consequence: A heel transplantation is necessary instead of a simple cosmetic repair.

But ignorance seldom comes single, so the second fault follows immediately: Shocked by the shoemaker’s cost estimate, the shoe owner tries to get the price down and insists on a cheap solution with corresponding cheap materials. At worst he falls back on the dumping offer of a quick repair service shop.

Due to false economy, the damage because of the first imprudence grows and the chance to get the shoe reconditioned by skilled hands is gone. So Himer has the same resolution like the dentist: Big price is the best policy.

Our gold is named Rendenbach, Vibram and Continental. These treid and tested high quality materials guarantee a maximum of durability and wear comfort and prolong noticeably (test it!)the repair intervals. That on the other hand is important because every repair means a certain strain for the shoe substance.

What we’ve learned then: Insufficient repairs ruin the shoe, too frequent repairs overuse it. Good luck with steering a middle course!

The shoe is being stitched through
before the outsole is fixed.
If desired shoes are double stitched manually
  We use oak-bark tanned leather from Rendenbach for shoe repairs
Goodyear shoes are completely disassembled and
all broken parts will be replaced.
Midsoles, outsole and heel are removed carefully
A new joint piece made of thermit is used to stabilize the shoe New outsoles are built and double stitched